September 2, 2007

400Droidz sigJimbob66these are some ani’s

click on them to watch them

Newest:Hammer loop


My gun



Air fight


pivot rj is chasing me!

Unfinished animation (will be finished)

the pit

the jump

the attack ART


some full body thing I MADE


unfinished joint

me v Jon from droidz

the almighty wing dude

 ok I may not be great but i’m only 11             





5 Responses to “animations”

  1. jimbob66 Says:

    Isn’t anyone going to comment?

  2. DaDewd Says:

    I’m just as old and I can’t make anims like that! I sure as heck have tried, cuz I love pivot! In fact, I’m going to go use it RIGHT NOW!

  3. Jeff Says:

    hey man nice, Im just starting using pivot and your so good. Add my MSN

  4. jimbob66 Says:

    Yeah, I’m glad you like this blog.
    But, I’m going to let it grow dust and die. I have a new website that is 100 times better than this one! Here it is:

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